[Rec] Middle Pillar Ritual “Entering Taurus” with Naha


Middle Pillar Ritual “Entering Taurus”

90min Healing ritual and meditation including

  • LBRP
  • Invocation of Taurus and Venus
  • Archangelic  and elemental invocation for deep clearing work through the subtle bodies
  • Guided Middle Pillar Ritual

The Middle Pillar Ritual is a magical operation in the tradition of the Western Hermetic Mysteries.

Based on the teachings of Israel Regardie who first published this ritual in 1938 as practiced by the magical society Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the qabalistic practice known as the Middle Pillar is used to balance the elemental energy centers of the body, and bring all unbalanced states in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms into harmony.

What to have with you?

  • Space to sit, stand, and lie down
  • A candle
  • Water for purification ritual
  • Dress in clean, comfortable clothing
  • Crystals or any other magical tools you may want for your ritual or meditation.

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