[Video Course] Rosicrucian Mysteries: History, Symbols and Ceremonies 6-week course with William Kiesel


22 Teachings Master Series: ROSICRUCIAN MYSTERIES
History, Symbols and Ceremonies 6-week course

Teacher: William Kiesel
Length: 2 hrs each class
Prerequisites: Hermetic Qabalah Level II
Students should read the Rosicrucian Manifestos [Fama and Confessio] prior to week 2
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The Rosicrucians taught that Alchemy, Magic, Qabalah and Theurgy were mainstays in any spiritual practice, but who were the mysterious Fraternity of the Rosy Cross and what did they bring to the esoteric tradition?

Beginning with the original Rosicrucian Manifestos, a history of the order and its influence over several magical movements will be covered including Germany, France, England and America. This provides the background and context for its enduring promise of a dawn of new consciousness in the West.

Discussion and analysis of the foundation texts utilizing tools and arcana established in the Hermetic Qabalah lecture series will enable students to perceive the esoteric meaning behind the famous manifestos of the Rosy Cross and discover how these open secrets may be applied to one’s magical path. The journey, initiation and founding of the order as described by the Rosicrucian figure known as Frater C.R.C. are examined closely including revelations on the symbolism of the Rose Cross and the famed Vault of the Adepti.

Mystical principles and ceremonial techniques, including their symbols, invocations and rubrics will be provided so that students may manifest the Rosicrucian current into their personal practice.

Wk 1: History of the Rosicrucian Order
Wk 2: Rosicrucian Manifestos a Closer Look
Wk 3: Journey, Initiation and Founding by Frater C.R.C.
Wk 4: Six Rosicrucian Agreements 
Wk 5: The Tomb of Frater C.R.C. aka the Vault of the Adepti 
Wk 6: Symbolism of the Rose Cross 

William Kiesel has been a practitioner of Hermetic Qabalah for over 30 years, a study he developed from his life-long interest in symbol systems. He is the publisher at Ouroboros Press and the proprietor at Seattle’s esoteric emporium Mortlake and Company. http://www.bookarts.org

Artwork: Harmonia Elementorum by Marlene Seven Bremner

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