[Video Class] New Moon in Cancer Ritual Working with Vanessa Baltodano


New Moon in Cancer Ritual Working
Teacher: Vanessa
Length: 1.5 hours
Recorded: July 2020

Seashell or representation of 
Silver Jewelry
Drinking water

On July 20th, the new moon enters the sign which it rules: the cardinal sign of Cancer. During this watery sign of the Crab which the moon rules, sensitivities are heightened. Participants will use this auspicious time to support a magical operation, supported by perceptions, feelings, and senses in response to their surroundings and circumstances. In this new moon phase, find power within the self and tune inwards to listen to the messages from your own microcosm.  

Vanessa Baltodano leads this ritual submersion into the caves of the crab to encounter its teachings, set intentions and draw forth the aspects of nurturance, boundaries, intuition and the mind