[Online] Starting Jan 5 11am The One Year Manual by Israel Regardie


The One Year Manual by Israel Regardie
Every first Friday of the month, beginning January 5, 2024 11am PST
Facilitated by Jessica Chappell
Location: Online via Zoom
Recorded for absentees: Video recording available for all participants 

Beginning January 5, 2024, and recurring monthly every first Friday over the span of one year, we invite you as we collectively immerse ourselves in the transformative work of reading and practicing the exercises from “The One Year Manual” by Israel Regardie. In this book, each chapter is dedicated to an exercise that explores a diverse range of disciplines, including heightened body awareness, relaxation techniques, rhythmic breathing, concentration, willpower development, and mantra practice. Regardie’s method involves dedicating an entire month to the practice of each chapter before moving on to the next.

Together on the first Friday of each month, we will read one chapter, engage in the exercise as a group, and share our experiences of the collective effects of the practices. 

Jan 5th | Step 1 Body Awareness
Feb 2nd | Step 2 Relaxation
Mar 1st | Step 3 Rhythmic Breathing
Apr 5th | Step 4 Mind Awareness
May 3rd | Step 5 Concentration: Use of the Mantra
Jun 7th | Step 6 Developing the Will
Jul 5th | Step 7 The Rose Cross Ritual
Aug 2nd | Step 8 The Middle Pillar Ritual
Sep 6th | Step 9 Symbol of Devotion
Oct 4th | Step 10 Practice of the Presence of God
Nov 1st | Step 11 Unity – All Is God
Dec 6th | Step 12 Invoke Often! Inflame Thyself With Prayer! 

Please note:

  • Payment of $36 grants you access to all 12 meetings, zoom link is the same each week.
  • Download PDF with Zoom link from confirmation screen at checkout.

The book is available online through our affiliate link here: https://amzn.to/3u47YzZ

This is a participation based event, designed for all to share and feel safe to ask questions, share experiences and learn together.

The discussion and exercises will be facilitated by professional Tarot Reader, ceremonial magician, and long-time student of 22 Teachings Jessica Chappell of Tarot de Baja.

Jessica has always been a seeker. Her journey into the metaphysical began at a young age where she started collecting crystals and working with the tarot. For 6+ years she’s been a student of 22 Teachings. She looks at reading tarot as a way to explore our human experience through hidden knowledge and a way to connect with our higher selves to receive clarification, confirmation, and the nudge required to make the changes our souls are secretly craving. A recently retired techie, she opened a tarot salon called Tarot de Baja in Todos Santos, Mexico and is doing tarot readings full time.