[Video Class] Pathworking Ritual Training with Naha


Pathworking Ritual Training
Teacher: Naha
Length: One 3hr and one 2hr training
Recorded 2022
Prerequisite: LBRP

The practice of formal Pathworking on the Tree of Life is one of the major ritual workings of Hermetic Qabalah and was developed by the magicians of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. It is presented a series of 33 individual ceremonies, including invocation and guided astral traveling upon every sphere and path of the tree, in order to explore, learn, heal, be tested, have breakthroughs, meet guides, and much more. In the 22 Teachings magical system, this work has been further developed with detailed landscapes and unique quests. The Pathworking series will take place twice per month (occasionally 3 times) and commence on Feb 1st 2022.

This ritual training prepares Pathworkers with everything they need to know to perform the rituals, invocations and processes, as well as consecrate items and tools.

Temple and Altar preparations
Opening rituals – Invoking Pentagrams and Hexagrams
Creating the Light Body
Projecting in
The process of Arrival, return, and record.

The main training takes place in the first 3 hour session.
Your download folder will also include a 2 hour follow up session which includes more information, clarifications and Q and A from session 1.

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