[Rec] Pathworking Ritual #11 “Temperance: Path of Samekh”

Pathworking Ritual “Path of Samekh”
Officiant: Naha
Length: 1.5h
Recorded: 2022
Prerequisite: LBRP and Pathworking Ritual Training

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22 Teachings and Arboretum Mysticum presents
Magical Pathworking on the Tree of Life

Path of Samekh

This is the eleventh ritual of the Pathworking series of 33 rituals which take us from the bottom of the Tree of Life to the top.

Samekh is the 25th Path of the Tree, connecting Yesod to Tipharet.

It’s correspondences are Sagittarius and Major Arcana Key XIV Temperance

Presented in Qabalistic High Magic, Pathworking is a ritual meditation and astral exploration of the Tree of Life in the Western Mystery Tradition, as practiced by the famed occultists the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.