[Video Course] Pathworking on the Tree of Life: The Entire 33


Pathworking on the Tree of Life
The Entire 33

Officiant: Naha
Prerequisite: LBRP and Pathworking Ritual Training

Access to all 33 Pathworking ceremonies. Includes Sphere and Letter Templates for each working.

Presented in Qabalistic High Magic, Pathworking is a ritual meditation and astral exploration of the Tree of Life in the Western Mystery Tradition, as practiced by the famed occultists the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

All preparatory lecture, set-up instructions and guidance is given in the Ritual Training. You will need a chair, a journal, and a place you can be free from distractions for the duration of each working, which is between 60-90 minutes.

It is recommended to leave at least a week if not 2 between every working to allow a full integration of the process, though students may continue at the pace they feel appropriate based on their own abilities.


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