[Rec] Magicians Roundtable “Pathworking: the first 7 steps” with Naha


Magicians Roundtable “Pathworking”
Teacher: Naha
Recorded May 1 2022

This Magician’s Roundtable is a Q & A and discussion for participants of the Pathworking series. Naha and participants share experiences and suggestions for the first 7 steps of Pathworking from Malkhut to the Path of Qoph. Discussion of magical commitments, catching up, finding stillness, clarifying the opening rituals, and group suggestions for a powerful working.

90 minutes

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The Magician’s Roundtable is an opportunity for students of magic at 22 Teachings to share and discuss under the mentorship of Faculty members as well as opportunities to learn from other guest teachers.  This discussion group is meant to be an open forum for any questions and insights that may have arisen during practice of the rituals, techniques and workings taught in courses and classes.