[Video Class] Personal Grimoires: How to Keep a Magical Diary with Whitney Dinneweth


Personal Grimoires: How to Keep a Magical Diary
Teacher: Whitney Dinneweth
Length: 1 hr
Recorded: March 2021

Properly keeping a personal grimoire can have a big impact on ones magical development. This class will train you on how to create and maintain a magical diary.

Whitney will explain why keeping a magical diary is an important element of the Western Mystery Tradition, and illustrate how it is beneficial for your practice.

Students will be taken through the most basic process step-by-step so they may then add to this according to their specific magical goals and workings,

Please have something to write notes with and a Tarot deck, if you have one. 

Teacher Bio: Whitney Dinneweth (Frater Festina Lente) is a hermetic qabalist and student of the Western Mystery Tradition. Follow him on social media @atcwhitney