[Video Class] Portals of Light – Power through the Veil with Marza Millar


“Portals of Light – Power through the Veil”
Teacher: Marza Millar

Length: 6 hrs – Presented in 2 3-hour sessions
Recorded: March 2020

22 Teachings presents Marza Millar – Grandmother Two Clouds, Elder teacher of sacred wisdom lineages, CHT, MA , clinical herbalist, nurse, reiki master, hypnotherapist, Lomi Lomi, Medicine Woman, medical intuitive, Alchemist, Energy Healer, world traveler, temple guardian, time door keeper.  

Light, shadow, gravity, frequency, and time. There are points of power on this earthy plane that open and transcend between the worlds where the Magick happens. Learn the ancient art of gathering the power to open these portals and hold the light between the worlds to help manifest in this earthly plane. 

These teachings come from the deep mystery school of old and have been passed down in my family lineage for thousands of years. We use geomancy as a guide to open the portals, set our grids, dowsing to find the power spots, and laying of crystal grid to hold the light of the inbetween.  

You will also be given the Light Sigils. These are sacred sigils passed down in the mystery schools. They are not written in books nor can you find them online. They come from an old family lineage taught to the protectors of the portals. I’m opening this up to a few chosen who feel called to hold these sacred teachings. 

About the Teacher: 

Adopted at birth and destined to walk the medicine path, Marza holds the position of medicine woman of the Wind Creek Tribe. Through birth rite and initiation rites this position was passed to her through her Father and Uncle. Her father’s teachers held the position of Keeper of the Emergence Door of the Wind Creek Tribe. At present Grandmother Two Clouds, (Marza) holds this position. 

Her Mother’s people are from Isle of Skye, Scotland and Kilkenny, Ireland. Marza is therefore trained and initiated in the Celtics Rites. Additionally, she received traditional temple teachings of Hawaii at Hikiau Heiau given by the Elders of Naapoopoo Village, Big Island, Hawaii. Studied Lomi Lomi healing with Auntie Margaret Machado and La au lapa au with Aka Pule, Fern Pule, and Papa Henry. She is trained in Biodynamic Farming and wildcrafts all her medicines. She was also brought up and trained from birth in the mystery schools of Astara in Egyptian Mystical Teachings. 

Marza works and specializes in Vibrational Biodynamic Medicines, Geopathics, Geomancy, Energy Frequency Healing, Vibrational Medicines, and Shamanic Healing for the last 40 years, while teaching nationally and internationally. Her work has taken her from deep into the Andes with Dr Emoto, to the Inca Elders, into the Arctic Circle to work with the Siberian Yupik, to the tops of the Hopi Mesa’s, into the Great Pyramid and to the steps of ancient Egyptian Temples. She has worked deeply with the Ancients Crystal Skulls and their guardians. Marza holds the woman’s fireplace of the sweat lodge and vision quest at the lineage fire of Rolling Water and is Elder to the Sun Clan of Nevada City. 

Learn more about Marza at ancientearthapothecary.com and rebelalchemy.co 

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