Week 2 “Psychic Protection” Audio Download + Workbook


This class is a part of the Developing Intuition Series. It is a prerequisite for Advanced Magical Training and the Third Eye Opener Crystal Grid.
If you feel sensitive to energies around you, or if you are learning to be open with your psychic awareness, the first step is learning to do it in a safe way, where you can feel empowered rather than vulnerable. It is of utmost importance to be grounded and know how to clear your energetic field. Basic energetic protection is not only the foundation of spirit work, but essential in our daily lives so that we aren’t negatively affected by energies in our environment.

In this 2-hour audio class you will learn:

  • How to use your sensitivity as a blessing rather than a curse
  • How to tell the difference between intuition and fear
  • What it truly means to be grounded, how to get grounded, how to check yourself
  • How to set energetic boundaries
  • Methods to clear yourself, fortify your aura, and create shielding rather than building walls
  • Using your thoughts, words and actions to set and affirm your desires
  • How to defend yourself against “bad vibes”, unwanted energies and negative people.