Selenite Bars


Dimensions approx. 6.5″L x 1.5″ – 1.75″ W x 3/8″H

These Selenite bars are perfect for charging your crystals on and keeping their energy high.

(Includes Selenite only).


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Origin: Mexico

Variation: This stone is usually white, and more rarely peach.  It can be found as wands, towers, palm stones, slabs, and carved shapes. It’s also called Gypsum.

Element: Spirit

Chakra: Crown

Qualities: Alignment, amplification, clarity

Healing properties: Uplifting, clearing and a tonic to the aura, Selenite appears like crystalized white light. It’s named for the Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Like the Moon, it does not create its own light but rather reflects and amplifies light. When you can’t see through the fog, Selenite directs your awareness upward. Like a mountain peak it reminds you to keep cool and rise above the cloud cover, finding peace in space and distance. Selenite improves sleep when placed by your bed. It can also improve your posture by opening the channel of energy from the root chakra to the base of the skull. It is healing for the bones, teeth, and spine.

Care: Self-cleansing. Do not put in water

Tip: Pass a Selenite wand over your aura, just a few inches over the surface of the skin, to clear your energetic lint trap. Lay a Selenite wand vertically on your back or front while lying down to align your chakras and send healing pranic energy through the spinal column.