Tarot School 9-Week Course Begins September 8th


Sunday afternoons from 12:00pm-2:30pm starting September 8th to November 10th. There will be no class on October 13th.

$315 Deposit secures your spot. $35 cash materials fee due upon the first class.

22 Teachings Magical Academy
900 East 1st Street Suite 312
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Instructor: Naha Armády

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  • If purchasing more than one ticket, please include the name of your guest(s) in the comments when you check out. 
  • All ticket sales final, no refunds or credits for missed events  
  • This event is recorded and if you cannot attend in person, you will receive the audio download 
  • Tickets are transferable, and you may sell your ticket or give it to someone else if you cannot attend 


Are you ready to dive into the most magical tool for self exploration, receiving messages from guides? Learn to read the TAROT! Get into the soul of the cards and awaken the Arcana within you.

Whether you want to read for yourself or others, and if you are a beginner or have been working with the cards for years, this course is packed with knowledge, tips and practices to help you to gain confidence in your readings.

This course includes a Certificate of Completion for those who have taken the prerequisite Magic Fundamentals Level 1 and who score 80% or higher on the final test. If you are UNABLE to attend the prerequisite, you may take Magic Fundamentals level 1 at a later time. after which time you may test for your certificate.

Pre-rerequisite 2-day intensive for all new students: Next round is August 24th & 25th, from 10am to 5pm both days. This 2-day class MAGIC FUNDAMENTALS LEVEL 1 will cover all of the individual elements of planetary and zodiacal astrology, elemental magic, intro to Qabalah and the tree of life, breathwork and meditation, crystal programming and more, and get you ready to dive into the tarot with a solid foundation. In the intensive, you will create study materials to take home. SIGN UP FOR PREREQUISITE HERE: Magic Fundamentals 2-Day Intensive

If you are an experienced practitioner and already have a working understanding of everything mentioned, can draw and identify all of the zodiacal, planetary and elemental symbols, and would like to waive the prerequisite, you can email me directly for waiver consideration.


In this series we work with the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck.

For more info on which decks to use, please visit https://22teachings.com/curriculum/tarot-course/

Audio classes are available for missed weeks. $315 deposit to RSVP, additional $35 cash materials fee due on September 8th. Total is $350 and includes workbooks and audio.


Week 1 – Origins of Tarot, the Western Mystery Tradition, the Golden Dawn, and the Major Arcana

Week 2 – Major Arcana part II, the Tree of Life, the Zodiac and the Fools Journey

Week 3 – Major Arcana part III, Reading Practice

Week 4 – The Minor Arcana – Elemental Magic

Week 5 – Numerology, Classical Planets, the 1-5’s of the Minor Arcana

Week 6 – 6’s – 10’s, Minor Arcana pt. II

Week 7 – Court Cards and Reversals

Week 8 – Spreads and Tarot Mechanics

Week 9– More Spreads and Reading Workshop


“Excellent master teacher who has amazing lesson plans and thoughtfully carried out courses. I am honored to have taken many classes with Naha & learned so much about myself also each subject. You will not regret taking a class with her. The most trusted spiritual guide in Los Angeles. You will have to experience it for yourself!” ~ Oli A.

“Investing in 22 Teachings classes has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. Learning with an established, experienced teacher whose knowledge, skills, and understanding consistently exceed my expectations has been such a joy. I would recommend exploring this study, with Naha Armády, to anyone!” ~ Mary

About the Teacher:

Trained by Master Teachers in Western Mystery Tradition, Naha has been a student of the esoteric teachings for over 25 years. Her areas of expertise include Qabalah, Alchemy, Tarot, Sacred Geometry, Practical and Ritual Magic and Hermetic Philosophy. She is the author of Everyday Crystal Rituals and the founder of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts, supplying a yearly curriculum to those interested in following the Qabalistic lineage of teachers such as Dion Fortune, Paul Foster Case, and W.E. Butler. Follow her on youtube.com/22teachings and Instagram @naha99