[Rec] Ritual Training: Tattvas & the Radiant Holy Breath with Naha


Tattvas and the Radiant Holy Breath Ritual Training
Teacher: Naha Armády
Recorded Aug 2022

The five tattvas are the 5 Sanskrit aspects of reality, represented in color and shape. They correspond to the Cosmic Elements. Painted on cards, the images of the 5 tattvas were employed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in a technique known as scrying in the Spirit vision, practiced by the magicians of the Inner Order. In this way, the tattvas are used as portals to the elemental realms.
In the AM Lodge, we use the Tattvas in a divinatory way, as we associate them to the five modifications of the Radiant Holy Breath.
These breath forms come to us through the Gnostic teachings, and are published in the works of Tau Malachi.

Naha received a Master Seed to the Radiant Holy breath in the Temple of Sekhmet in Karnak. The seed is also a key that leads to a larger Mandala of the Radiant Holy Breath.

This practice may also be used in conjunction with the Middle Pillar practice, and to activate the energetic portals of the Subtle bodies.

*Students will not make the cards themselves in the Ritual Training. That is a separate offering on Sept 3rd., for those who have completed this ritual training.

In this ritual training, you will learn:

  • study of the Tattvas as cosmic principles
  • the application of the tattvas to breathwork
  • how to correctly perform the 5 modifications
  • their uses both in ceremony and in “regular world” settings
  • connecting the East and West elemental models
  • how to use the both Tattvas and the Radiant Holy breaths with the Middle Pillar practice
  • Master Seed instruction and Mandala.

This training also contains an activation through interior meditative exploration and astral projection.

Solar Adorations, LBRP, Middle Pillar, The Adytum, and The Radiant Holy Breath training forms a solid ritual practice which aligns with the elements of Fire, Earth, Spirit, Water, and Air respectively.

Please prepare yourself and your space accordingly for ritual working. Have your ritual journal or grimoire and something to write with.

Please note:

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