[Video Class] Adv Tarot #6 – Qabalistic Tarot: The Cube of Space with Naha


Qabalistic Tarot: The Cube of Space
Teacher: Naha Armády
Length: 3hrs
Recorded: June 2020
Prerequisite: Tarot School 9-week Course is suggested but not required

The Sourcework of the Qabalistic Cosmology –  the Sepher Yetzirah outlines the directions and points in space for all of the Hebrew letters except for the 3 mother letters Aleph, Mem and Shin. It was Paul Foster Case who discovered their attributes as aspects of dimension, and it is said that he was the only one who could penetrate the Cube of Space. The Cube of Space is comprised of sides, edges and dimensions, and to each designation, Qabalists assigned the Tarot Keys, creating a 3-dimensional macrocosm through which the magician may travel through the keys. Case’s work was furthered by David Hulse, who said to have found a path of initiation around the cube, and identified 7 grades or quests, which are said to unfold in separate incarnations. In this class, students will build their own Tarot Cube of Space and teacher Naha Armády will be the guide on a journey through the 7 quests of the cube.

This Tarot class is not intended for beginners. It is suggested, though not required that you have completed Naha’s 9-week tarot course. Some basic understanding of tarot is prerequisite to this class.

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