[Video Course] William Kiesel presents Thoth-Hermes: 3-Fold Avatar of Hermeticism 3-part course


Thoth-Hermes – Three-Fold Avatar of Hermeticism
a 3-part series with William Kiesel

Spring Residency with William Kiesel recorded at 22 Teachings in Los Angeles.

Thoth-Hermes – Three-Fold Avatar of Hermeticism, a 3 – Part Series.

Drawing from classical Greek, Egyptian and Arabic texts, William discusses the various forms of Mercurius as manifested in the Western Esoteric Tradition. Legends of the deity of writing and magic as Psychopomp, Messenger of the Gods and Alchemical Magus are represented including the iconography, magical tools and mercurial formulae which may be employed by the modern Qabalistic magician. The series includes practical arcana for the ritual use of God-Forms, Invocation, and Magical Texts of the Patron of the Magical Arts. Texts under discussion will include The Emerald Tablet, Corpus Hermeticum and the Papyrus of Ani.

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