August 19th 7pm [Online] Throat Chakra Activator Crystal Grid Ceremony with Naha


Throat Chakra Activator Crystal Grid with Naha
August 19th 7:00-9:00pm PST
Teacher: Naha
Location: Zoom
Recording available for absentees:  Yes

Please note:

  • Once you complete the purchase, the download link will be in the confirmation screen.
  • For this event, each person attending will need to sign up separately.
  • If you live in Los Angeles you may pick up your crystals in person. If you want them shipped, you must get your order in no later than August 12th

Calling all Seekers – Artists – Readers – Writers – Musicians – Dancers – Singers – – Performers – Air Signs – Wind Whisperers – Channelers – Seers – Teachers

This magical operation is for anyone interested in strengthening their powers of communication and creative self expression, whether through art, writing, speaking, collaborations, teaching, counseling, mentoring, music, design, or any artistic medium.

This is a crystal ceremony in which you will receive a special selection of crystals and stones which work directly with the intention of expanding the avenues of Creative Self Expression, Inspiration, and Dynamic ability to deliver a message.

You will learn the properties of each stone you receive as well as the meaning of the shape or form. We will tune into exactly what each specific persons most important avenue of expression is at this time, clear away cluttered thoughts and old ideas, and then charge and program the stones with the proper frequencies to achieve clarity, focus, and powerful communication of creative ideas. Each person will then “link in” with a specially created master grid to broadcast this intention outward. We will journey through crystal assisted guided meditation and you will fill your throat chakra aka energetic Air Center with the divine vibration of your true voice and your crystalline counterparts.

Setting this grid up in your home not only will serve to keep you linked to this energy but will also project it outward to manifest creative opportunity in your life.

This two hour event includes study materials on the included crystals, cleansing charging and programming, guided meditation, crystal healing on the body, and creating a grid for the home. The stones that participants receive and take home have been specially hand selected and cleansed in preparation. You will receive anywhere from 10-14 crystals in your grid set.


What is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is a method of creating a sacred space by placing stones of specific metaphysical properties in a geometric pattern to broadcast a specific intention and create a powerful energetic transmitter.

What should I bring/wear? Please:
-1 candle (in glass container, will also be available for purchase)
-dress in clean, comfortable clothing.
-respect the fact that this is a sacred operation
-do not bring your own crystals to this class, you will receive all crystals needed for this working, and may add your own to the grid once you take them home
-please remove crystal jewelry (wedding rings/metal jewelry ok)
-be ready for positive, powerful results!

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