Triple Blessing Candle


Lightly scented hand-poured palm wax candles for igniting your magical intentions.

Each candle contains crystals in the bottom to keep once the candle burns down. Full instructions on the back.

Designs by Portland-based artist Kinoko, created by House of Intuition.


I call upon my Highest Guides, Guardians and Elders.
I center and balance all parts of my being – Body, Soul and Spirit.
I harmonize my mind and heart upon my higher knowing.
I place faith in the future, acceptance in the past, and presence in the Now.
May my angels stand at my left and right hand, and one at my back to protect me.
May the Pillars of Strength, Mercy, and Equilibrium fortify me.
May all of my positive efforts return to me three-fold.
I place my trust in spirit as a grateful recipient of these Triple Blessings.
So it is!


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