Week 1 “Meditation & Visualization” Audio Download + Workbook



Everyone is intuitive to a certain degree and it is something that can be developed and tapped into with practice and the right tools. Perhaps you are interested in divination, energy work, working with crystals, connecting to your spirit guides, ancestors or past lives. Maybe you simply want to be able to trust and listen to your “inner voice”. Being able to read people, situations, and energies around you allows you to make clearer and easier choices in your daily life and navigate obstacles with more grace. Tuning in to your intuition also raises your powers of self-observation allowing you to understand what your higher purpose and long term goals are.

There is no better time than now to finally tap into the abundant life force energy, guidance, and confidence that comes with a consciously created life!

Week 1: Meditation and Visualization

In this class you will learn
-why meditation is key and how to do it
-tips and tricks for quieting the mind
-meditation techniques to relieve stress, open your channels and begin the process of self healing and intuitive development
-basic breathwork techniques
-deprogramming and reprogramming the mental body
-changing old patterns and getting out of ruts
-how to begin visualizing
-theta mode and brain states