Week 3 “Subtle Body Anatomy” Audio Download + Workbook


What exactly is the astral body, the etheric body, or the aura? These are all parts of our subtle body anatomy. Physical issues often are the result of problems in the subtle bodies, as negative patterns take form on the densest material level. With the right techniques you can heal your energetic bodies. Time to learn what’s really going on.

Developing Intuition Week 3: Subtle Body Anatomy: Auras, Chakras and Meridians


In this class you will learn about the Astral Plane, and the different aspects of the energetic bodies, including:
the Aura – what it is, how to clear and seal it
the Astral or Emotional Body
the Mental Body
the Etheric Body – our life records and etheric cording
You will also learn about chakras and how to do simple chakra balancing,
Energy meridians, and elemental energy centers.

You will learn basic techniques for working with this knowledge for greater health, awareness and energy flow as well as ways to scan and read yourself and others