Week 4 Astral Scavenger Hunt: Numbers, Totems and Astrology Audio Download + Workbook


Developing Intuition Week 4: Astral Scavenger Hunt Numbers, Totems and Astrology

In this week’s Developing Intuition Class you will learn how to maximize synchronicity in your life.

When we are aware of our personal symbolic tools, we can receive guidance daily and work in a healthy and connected way as a part of the universal consciousness.

Did you know that you have a ton of tools already at your disposal?
Guides, animals, power symbols, colors, numbers and planetary forces that work for you, and the more that you acknowledge and work with them, the stronger they become.

In this class students will identify what their own personal power signs and what their symbols are; including numbers, colors, words, symbols, totems, and more.

Learn how to enter the Astral Realm safely for exploration and healing. Students will go on an “Astral Scavenger-Hunt” discovering secrets, receiving gifts from their guides, and allowing them to put to work some of the methods taught in this class, ultimately allowing them to trust their own intuition to a stronger degree.

*Please have your moon and ascendant (rising sign) for this class. Here’s how:

If you do not know what they are, go to astro.com, go to the menu where it says My Astro and click user profile, enter your birth date, time, and place. Choose Chart Drawing/Ascendant. In the upper left corner you will see your Ascendant sign under your sign sign. Directly below that you will see Sun, Moon, and the rest of the planets. Write down your Moon sign and Ascendant and bring to class. If you are having trouble figuring it out, please send me an email so that I can help you! – Naha