Week 6 Ancestors and Past Lives Audio Download + Workbook



Each of us have a special path that we walk in our lifetime and some of the challenges that we may meet are predetermined by the past. Whether through other lifetimes, or passed down to us in our DNA. Many times there is a reflection of what is going on in our lives currently when we start to look at those points from our history.

This week we continue working with Spirit Guides, now delving into the realms of Ancestors, those who have passed over, and our past lives.

In this class you will learn how karma gets passed down, and what you can do to free yourself of karmic debt. We will talk about how to heal unhealthy cycles in families, and how we can work on the past in order to have a more balanced present, and a happier future.

Learn how to connect with your ancestors, and how to tap into your previous incarnations.