Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition Level One

Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition Level One: 6-part Lecture series and Re-initiation
Instructor: Naha Armády
Length of each class: 2 hrs
Prerequisite: none
Recorded for absentees: Yes

This lecture series is offered as a pre-recorded video class here:

Welcome back students, to your re-initiation into the mysteries.

“May your inner adept be awakened, and may you remember the secret teachings from your many lives, as you sat by the foot of the masters” – Arboretum Mysticum

The Tree of Life is the foundation glyph of the Western Mystery Tradition, a magical lineage stemming back to ancient Egypt, through the portals of Greek and Roman mysteries, enriched by Jewish mysticism and Alchemy, and brought into the modern era through the living rituals of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

A system of Magic, with tools for self-discovery, exploring deep philosophical, theosophical, and multi-dimensional understanding, the Western Mystery Tradition has practical applications in Tarot, Pathworking, Astrology, Ritual Magic, Meditation, and more.

This 6-part course covers history and fundamentals of Hermeticism and Qabalah, correspondences of the 4 worlds, the tarot correspondences, the Hebrew Alephbet, Gematria, Planetary Magic, the Archangels and Angelic Choirs, the Divine Names and rich mystical knowledge from a Master Magician with 16 years of training in Hermetic Magic.

This course will prepare you for Level 2 Hermetic Qabalah, further work in the AM Lodge and our coursework.