Recommended Training for Egypt Trip

Ritual Trainings:
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Training
Tattvas and the Radiant Holy Breath Ritual Training
Solar Adorations of Ancient Egypt Ritual Training

Qabalah Training:
Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition Level One: 6-part Lecture series and Re-initiation
Hermetic Qabalah Level 2: Ritual, Sigils and Rites 6-part Lecture series

Invocation of Thoth ritual training:
Thoth-Hermes – Three-Fold Avatar of Hermeticism with William Kiesel

AM Lodge Rituals:
“Equinox Invocation of Thoth” with Naha
“Invocation of Ma’at” with Naha
“Invocation of Seshat” with Naha