Summum Bonum: Ascending the Magic Mountain with William Kiesel

Summum Bonum: Ascending the Magic Mountain
Advanced Magical Practice
Teacher: William Kiesel
4-part Lecture

Mountains are majestic and embody stability. They are immoveable and eternal. Reaching toward the Heavens; embracing the Hells; harboring – as many volcanoes do – the fiery eruptions within their bowels. Witness to all and giver of life, the mountain is a natural guardian, a teacher, and abode of the gods. The enormous mass of a mountain truncates in pyramidal form coming to a focused point; the Summum Bonum, the Highest Good. An inspiration, invitation and initiation.  

This four-part series presented by William Kiesel engages the cosmological symbolism of the sacred mountain as a path of magical affirmation. The series explores the magical and alchemical images, disciplines and wisdom of the mountain through the practical methods of Hermetic Qabalah, Tarot and Ceremonial Magic.  

Part One: The Mountain as Cosmological Symbol
Part Two: Pilgrims and Custodians of the Peaks
Part Three: The Guide and the Hermetick Citadel
Part Four: Summum Bonum: Union of Heaven and Earth