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Vanessa Baltodano, Founder of Come Full Circle, is a Certified Crystal Healing Therapist, Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, teacher, and Dream Interpreter. Since youth Vanessa has been a lucid dreamer. After her father passed in ’09 and even more so after her mother passed in ’14, Vanessa’s dreams became increasingly vivid and intense. Regular visits from her parents and spirit guides led Vanessa to explore a path of crystals, magic and metaphysics. Leaving her corporate job in ’15, Vanessa embarked on her journey as a magical practitioner fully committed to life in service of the greater good. Vanessa has the privilege of working, learning, and performing ceremonial magic with remarkable spiritual leaders and teachers including Starhawk,  Andras Corban-Arthen, Patrick McCollum, the McCollum Foundation, the World Peace Violin, Orion Foxwood, R.J. Stewart and Naha Armády. Vanessa connects strongly with the Faery Tradition through personal practice and conducts powerful dream interpretation sessions while building a sacred community of dreamers.  

Vanessa’s passion and dedication to her healing practice stems from passion and dedication to her own self-healing, self-development and love for the planet. Vanessa’s empathetic ways, however, did not always have a home. For years Vanessa did not have an outlet or community that understood and welcomed her sensitivity to events happening around the world and in everyday life. To cope and numb her sensitivities, Vanessa turned to alcohol. Increasing substance abuse after the death of both parents, Vanessa had three car accidents in one year with a near death experience.  Suicidal thoughts and addictive habits continued until Vanessa’s body began signaling that her path would lead to illness and pain. Her guides began communicating with her through dreamscapes and illuminated the way to a new path of self-healing and self-reflection. Vanessa consciously chose to change course and to follow this new path where she discovered a community of empaths, magickal practitioners, faery magicians and healers, and in turn found herself. 

Crystals empower Vanessa to face challenges on her path of self-healing. Tarot is her mirror of self-reflection. Faery magic allows Vanessa to speak her truth, to embody her empathy, to cry for her Earth siblings, to love and honor her ancestors and to see the interconnectedness between all things.  Dreamscapes hold space for conversations to further process her self-healing journey. Vanessa’s goal is to share these tools with her clients in love, care and balance to help them embark on their very own healing journeys empowered with confidence.  Vanessa truly believes that if she heals herself and helps others heal she can bring this planet closer to wholeness and create a happier future for all of us. 


To book a session, call (323)362-2615

Come Full Circle Healing:

A Come Full Circle session is perfect for those who wish to have an energy cleansing, re-alignment, and reset. In this session you are open to potentially receiving revelations, empowerment and a sense of coming home. This service includes crystal therapy, guided meditation, Reiki, and color therapy. At the start of your appointment you will have the opportunity to go over any questions or concerns and let Vanessa know if there are any areas you would like to focus on, ie. physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. During your session, Vanessa will connect with your spirit guides, ancestors, and animal totems as a form of collaboration to ensure your healing is in alignment with what you need most at the time of your session. At the end of your session, you will receive feedback regarding your chakra assessment, messages obtained and a moment to reflect upon your experience. Before you leave, Vanessa will ensure you have practical ways to apply what you’ve integrated into your day to day life.

Approx. 2 hours/$200

Dream Decoding:

Dream Decoding is Vanessa’s personalized dream counseling service. In this one-on-one session, Vanessa provides guidance to help the dreamer discover the messages in their dreams and apply it into their lives. Vanessa’s method and approach is built to shed light on the experience and empower the dreamer. In this way, the dreamer can arrive at the message in a supportive and non-intrusive manner. This session does require a little preparation from the client, so setting it up at least 2-days in advance is preferred. This service can also serve as a private training for those who want to know how to decode their own dreams.

1 hour/$125

Ancestral Lineage Healing

This session is built to help you discover and identify your patterns whether they be self-initiated or inherited. In doing so, you can open yourself to the possibility of healing, transcendence or empowerment of these patterns. In this one-on-one service Vanessa will open with a time to allow you to reflect and share that which you wish to release, heal or transcend followed by a seated meditation. In this meditation, Vanessa will lead you to a place where you can offer healing to an ancestor that will help you change patterns that reside in you. Your ancestors can be of blood lineage, land lineage, or past life lineage. The power in the session is found in the openness of your heart.

1 hour/$125

Tarot Reading

Vanessa’s focus in every Tarot reading is to remind you of what is within your power. Tarot readings are meant to empower you, shed light on your path and help you understand the energy within the areas of your life to help you make a decision that is best for you. If you wish to gain clarity and guidance in specific areas in your life, then a Tarot reading is a perfect fit.

30 min/$100 45 min/$125 60 min/$150

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a Japanese energy healing practice that is offered to assist with shifting energy, releasing stagnant energy and inviting balancing energy into your body, mind and soul. In other words, this modality welcomes and assists you on your self-healing path by welcoming light and releasing that which no longer serves you. Vanessa has her Level 2 Reiki attunement and finds this modality to be one of her favorites to offer and includes it in her every day healing practice.

1 hour/$150


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