Wheel of the Year with Kristie Marie

In 2022, Our guest teacher Kristie Marie of Sacred Well Healing will be leading ceremonies following the Wheel of the Year. Each ceremony includes teachings of the history and tradition, guided ritual and meditation, and the creation of hands-on magical tools and altarpieces.

The Wheel of the Year follows the solar calendar through the seasons. It marks the 8 pagan Sabbats (holidays and celebration) for the major solar events and the midpoints between them. While the “Wheel of The Year” is a newer neo-pagan compilation of traditions and  rituals, the rich cultures it pulls from are ancient. Diverse ancient cultures viewed time as cyclical. You can see this in symbolism and practices across the globe. Those who lived and worked in sync with the earth and agriculture witnessed the life, death and rebirth that the seasons brought. The Sabbats of the wheel follow these themes and guide us to call on the energy which the seasons herald to empower ourselves, our goals and our magical practice.

The 8 Sabbats of the Wheel:

  • At Yule, the Winter Solstice, the sun is born again as light returns.
  • Imbolc marks the beginning of spring and the first signs of life returning to earth.
  • Ostara marks the Spring Equinox and the rebirth of the earth, it’s a time of hope and intention setting.
  • The fire festival of Beltane pushes us toward passion for our goals. It’s a time for fertility magic and laying plans.
  • At Litha we celebrate the Summer Solstice. The sun hits its peak of power before it begins to wane. We call on its energy to empower us to take action in our lives.
  • Lughnasadh marks the beginning of harvest season. We hope to start to see the fruits of our labors planted back in our spring celebration.
  • Mabon marks the Autumn Equinox and the second harvest. The night grows longer than the days. It’s a time of taking stock of all that we have accomplished and learned before we descend into the darkness of winter.
  • At Samhain, which some call the witches’ new year, the veil thins. We honor our ancestors, open our intuition to what the following cycle may bring. We face the death of the earth, the end of the cycle, and leave behind what no longer serves. This brings us back to yule and the birth of a new cycle.

The pattern really follows more of an infinity symbol or lemniscate than a circle. There’s a beauty in living cyclically. Just as the monthly lunar cycle gives us the chance to start over monthly in connecting to our goals and in connecting to the energy that flows around us, the wheel gives us a yearly chance to do the same on a bigger scale. Getting in sync with the earth and seasons and connecting to the ancient traditions is a rich and beautiful practice. I look forward to sharing the incredible lore and magic of this year long celebration. – Kristie Marie

Calendar of Events:

Sunday March 20 Ostara

Thursday May 5 Beltane

Sunday June 19th Midsummer/Litha

Sunday July 31 Lammas

Friday Sept 23 Mabon

Sunday Oct 30 Samhain

Wednesday Nov 16 Hecate’s Dark Night

Sun Dec 18 Yule