A New Moon Bath Ritual

Upon the New Moon:

Begin by drawing a bath.
Add a large handful of coarse pink salt or epsom salt
Add some loose herbs or flowers (lavender, calendula)
Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils

Light some candles and call upon your guides.

Stir the bath clockwise as you recite the following:

“I charge this water with divine white light frequency,
with the power to transform, transmute, dissolve and dilute
any and all harmful or negative energies, that these waters may be raised to their highest most potent and most healing vibration.”

Add some crystals (rose quartz, moonstone, clear quartz, amethyst) to the water.

Get in and say the following:

“I return from the Land to the Waters of Understanding, I immerse myself in the healing Waters of the Great Sea”

Pour the water over your head and immerse yourself completely.
Soak and meditate on the healing properties of Elemental Water.
Feel the chains of limitation dissolving.
Feel your body filled with light.
Before you leave the bath, say the following:

” I thank (Spirit) for your guidance and protection. May I carry divine healing light ever in my heart, as I emerge from the Sea to the Shore, and may I multiply this light, and may I share it. To the Ages, Amen.