AM Lodge presents “The Shem Working” – 72 Names of God

The Arboretum Mysticum, or AM Lodge, is undertaking our most profound group working to date, the Shem Working – the 72 Names of God.

This form of magic is called Theurgy – Divine working; it is considered the highest form of magic. While we meet each week as a group, this will also be a deeply personal process, as each participant will have their own strengths, interests, and efforts that they put forward. Together we will explore, research and discuss the 72 individual names which are essences of God, said to each contain powers and blessings, and which together form the 72 fold name, the Shem HaMephorash. It has been written and spoken about in grimoires and magical texts going back to the 1st century, in the writings of the Bahir – one of the earliest Qabalistic books. By this name it is said that Moses parted the Red Sea, and Elijah ascended to heaven to become Sandalphon.

Beginning on January 1st, we will go through the names, one by one. Every arborist will keep their own magical record of their experience. The work will be steeped in both ritual and analysis; we will do gematria, sigil work, vibration and meditation on each name. Participants are asked to keep altar space specifically for this working. And then, and if they wish, to engage in writing, artistic medium of any kind, movement, or any other practice through which they can engage with the name.

Right now we are in a preparatory phase, laying some groundwork and background for the working. Please see below for recommended reading, recommended prerequisite training, downloadable resources and previous recordings, as well as upcoming events.

Our student forum is now live! Find the discussion for the Shem working HERE

All of these sessions of the Lodge are considered preparatory to the Shem Working
10/23/2021 “TETRACTYS”
10/30/21 “SECRETS OF 72”
11/6/2021 “Creation of the 72 names of God
11/13/2021 “Angelic Seals”
11/20/2021 “The Shem Working “Exodus” with guest Tami Havton
11/27/2021 “Psalms as Spells
12/4/2021 – “Purification Rites
12/9/2021 – Magicians Roundtable “The Shem Working and Its Significance in the Magical Landscape” with Naha
12/11/2021 “Dedication and Orientation
12/18/2021 “Full Moon Consecration of Tools and Arborists
Hexad of Aries
1/1/2022 The First Name VHV
1/8/2022 The Second Name YLY
1/11/2022 Magicians Roundtable with Naha and William on the Shem Working, more on Magical Names and Mottoes.
1/15/2022 3. Samekh Yod Tet
1/22/2022 4. Ayin Lamed Mem
1/25/2022 Magicians Roundtable with Tami & Naha “The Shem Working
1/29/2022 5. Mem Heh Shin
2/5/2022 6. Lamed Lamed Heh
Hexad of Taurus
2/9/2022 Shem Working Roundtable and Arborists Share” with Naha
2/12/2022 7. Aleph Kaph Aleph
2/19/2022 8. Kaph Heh Tav
2/26/2022 9. Heh Zayin Yod
3/12/2022 10. Aleph Lamed Dalet
3/19/2022 11. Lamed Aleph Vav
3/26/2022 12. Heh Heh Ayin
Hexad of Gemini
4/2/2022 13. Yod Zayin Lamed
4/9/2022 14. Mem Bet Heh
4/16/2022 15. Heh Resh Yod
4/23/2022 16. Heh Qoph Mem
4/30/2022 17. Lamed Aleph Vav
5/7/2022 18. Kaph Lamed Yod
Hexad of Cancer
5/14/2022 19. Lamed Vav Vav
5/21/2022 20. Peh Heh Lamed
5/28/2022 21. Nun Lamed Kaph
6/4/2022 22. Yod Yod Yod
6/11/2022 23. Mem Lamed Heh
6/18/22 24. Chet Heh Vav

Hexad of Leo
6/25/22 25. Nun Tav Heh
7/2/22 26. Heh Aleph Aleph
7/16/22 27. Yod Resh Tav
7/23/22 28. Shin Aleph Heh
7/30/22 29. Resh Yod Yod
8/6/22 30. Aleph Vav Mem

Hexad of Virgo
8/13/22 31. Lamed Kaph Bet
8/20/22 32. Vav Shin Resh
8/27/22 33. Yod Chet Vav
9/3/22 34. Lamed Heh Chet
9.10.22 35. Kaph Vav Qoph
9.17.22 36. Mem Nun Dalet

Magician’s Roundtable – The Shem Working Halfway point recorded 9.11. 22

Hexad of Libra
9.24.22 37. Aleph Nun Yod

Upcoming Schedule:
10.1.22 38. Chet AYin Mem
10.8.22 39. Resh Heh Ayin
10.15.22 40. Yod Yod Zayin
10.22.22 41. Heh Heh Heh
10.29.22 42. Mem Yod Kaph

Hexad of Scorpio will be available shortly
11.5.22 43.
11.12.22 44.
11.19.22 45.
11.25.22 46.


This list contains affiliate links.

It is recommended but not required that students have a copy of
Science of Kabbalah by Lenain:

Students will also want a copy of the Psalms and the book of Exodus, either in a Bible or Tanakh. Here is a version of the Tanakh which has both Hebrew and English: JPS Hebrew English Tanakh

Other useful texts/Bibliography:

New additions 12.3.21:
Jewish Magic and Superstition: A study in Folk Religion
The Book of Magical Psalms Pt 1 by Swart
The Book of Psalms by Robert Alter
Liber Psalmorum – Book of Psalms in Latin (best found used)

Studies in Shemot – Nehama Leibowitz – as shared by Tami – for a woman’s perspective on the book of Exodus
On the Art of the Kabbalah Johann Reuchlin
The Book of Sacred Names by Jacobus Swart
Alef-Beit by Rabbi Ginsburgh:
Shem Grimoire:
The Complete Golden Dawn:
On the Decans: 36 Faces by Austin Coppock
Kabbalistic Astrology: The Sacred Tradition of the Hebrew Sages by Rabbi Joel Dobin
Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses
Qabalah – the Secret Tradition of the West by Papus
The Bahir – Aryeh Kaplan Translation
The Complete Magician’s Tables by Skinner
Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia

This list will be added to throughout the working.

Here is the link Tami shared that has Rashi’s commentary on Exodus:

Downloadable PDFS

Dedication Rite


Put yourself in the right mindset before signing this document. You may wish to begin with an LBRP.
Write your name or magical name and the date and current Sun and Moon sign, and read the words aloud, lighting a candle on your altar as you do so.

On the lines where you fill in support, this is of actual living people (not guides) once you have already asked them and gotten confirmation. Please do not add names of guides here although that is another list you should be keeping, and do not add names until you have spoken or reached out to that person and received a reply.

Sign on the line near the bottom

Download, print, fill out, sign and mail to
22 Teachings c/o A.M. Lodge
900 E 1st St. Suite 312
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Text of Exodus for students to write out 72 names

The 72 Names spelled out by letters, to be vibrated once daily. If you print this document, please treat it with reverence.

Please note that the works listed below should be considered useful for research and contributing to understanding and not used ultimately as the true or proper instruction or methods

La Kabbale Practique by Ambelain – translated by Piers Vaughan DOWNLOAD HERE The chapter on the Shemhamphorash is pages 130-174

 Shem ha-Mephoresh, The Divine Name of Extension an Essay by Aaron Leitch


These trainings are not required but will be helpful for the processes we will be using:

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Ritual Training

Hebrew for Mystics I and II

Hermetic Qabalah Level II – (Requires Level I completion first)
-this training includes the sigilwork instruction and Analysis of the Keyword.

Seals, Signs and Sigils – Master Class with William Kiesel

The Netivot Working – the Letters and Keys
Our last series in the Lodge for understanding the relationship of the letters and their Arcana and Intelligences.

Rite of the Six-Rayed Star
This rite will be used for integration of the names.

Gematria Training


It is recommended that you create an altar space in your home specifically for this working. It does not need to be large, simply a space determined by some type of boundary to be a place to focus the intention of this work (a 1ft by 1ft space is plenty, and you can use a square of cloth to denote the boundary)

It is recommended to have a journal specific to this working as it will likely fill an entire book.

A Tarot deck specifically for this working.

A crystal or stone for programming

A version of the Rose Cross Lamen for Sigilwork