Hebrew for Mystics

a multi-part series to strengthen the Magical practice.
Instructor: Tami Havton
Length of each class: 2 hrs
Prerequisite: Part 1 and 2 are prerequisite for the remaining series
Recorded for absentees: Yes

This series is offered as a supplemental course to assist students with the proper writing, pronunciation, and transliteration of the Hebrew language as it is used in the Western Hermetic Tradition.

Magical texts and teachers vary greatly in their interpretation of the Hebrew words, primarily because those practicing are not often native Hebrew speakers. For this reason, we have brought mentor and Hebrew teacher Tami Havton to 22 Teachings to guide students in accuracy and deeper understanding.

In Gematria, Qabalah, and Tarot, the common thread is Hebrew. Tami is bilingual, English/Hebrew, and lived in Israel for 17 years. Her insatiable curiosity had her searching for original Hebrew sources and references of Sefer Yetzirah and The Tree of Life. Tami is excited to share her Hebrew knowledge with the 22 Teachings community.

In HFM Part 1 and 2, you will learn how to write the letters and the vowel points, and how to correctly pronounce Hebrew with the vowels, something often missing from books and material on Hermetic Qabalah.

In HFM 3, Tami teaches correct spelling and pronunciation of the Sephirot, Divine Names on the Tree of Life, and Angelic Choirs, as well as plural and singular suffixes and some common prefixes.

In HFM 4, Students learn correct spelling and pronunciation of the Archangels, the Mundane Chakras, and the 4 Qabalistic Worlds.

In all classes, Tami’s wealth of experience and anecdotes enrich the lessons with fun facts, stories and wisdom of the Jewish perspective.