The Mystical Alephbet and Major Arcana 22-part Working in the Arboretum Mysticum

The AM Lodge presents a 22-part working: “The Nativot, the Letters and Keys”
through the esoteric aspects of the mystical Hebrew Alephbet and Major Arcana. We begin with Aleph and the Fool and end appropriately with the World. The Letters are being explored in their esoteric meaning, the Arcana through invocation in the interior temple. Below you will find previously recorded and upcoming scheduled AM Lodge events.

Each meeting is 90 minutes.

Previously Recorded:

2/6/2021 – “Key 0, The Fool and the Letter Aleph”
2/13/2021 – “Key 1, The Magician and the Letter Bet” 
2/20/2021 – “Key 2, The High Priestess and the Letter Gimel”


Sat Feb 27th [Online] AM Lodge “Key 3, The Empress and the Letter Dalet”
Sat Mar 6th [Online] AM Lodge “Key 4, The Emperor and the Letter Heh” 
Sat Mar 13th [Online] AM Lodge “Key 5, The Hierophant and the Letter Vav”
Sat Mar 20th [Online] AM Lodge “Key 6, The Lovers and the Letter Zayin” 
Sat Mar 27th [Online] AM Lodge “Key 7, The Chariot and the Letter Chet”