Astrologers Roundtable

Astrologers Roundtables
Instructor: A.M. Penn
Length: 90 min
Prerequisite: none but designed for students who have completed or are enrolled in the department courses

Our courses provide instruction for creating a personal practice, but this is just the launchpad for the real work,

The Astrologers Roundtable has developed out of a need for students to have continued support after the completion of course work, to stay connected to their classmates, practice their skills, share their experiences and the questions that arise out of them.

The next Astrologers Roundtable has been scheduled for December 23rd at 7pm PST. Please send your questions for discussion in advance to with Subject “Astrologers roundtable”.

Astrologer’s Roundtable
For Astrology School Students

Session I with A.M. Penn
Session II with A.M. Penn
Session III with A.M. Penn
Session IV with A.M. Penn
Session V with A.M. Penn
Session VI with A.M. Penn
Session VII with A.M. Penn