Astrology School LVL I & II

Name of Class: Astrology School LVL I & II
Instructor: A.M. Penn
Length of class: 2hrs
Recorded for absentees: Yes
Prerequisite: Magic Fundamentals

Please email to be notified the next time Astrology School Level 1 opens for registration. The next round of Astrology School II will begin on Sunday, February 6th 2022. To register, please register here:

Astrology School I: Understanding Astrological Energy 8-Week Course

In this course students will learn to intuitively understand the energetic layers that make up the foundations of astrological practice. Students will acutely internalize, and thereby be able to remember and feel their way into the archetypal energies at work in the zodiac, and in day-to-day life.

A.M. Penn teaches the traditional correspondences of the Western Mystery Tradition, as it has evolved to include modern scientific discoveries and advancements in the fields of Astronomy and Western Astrology (such as outer planet associations) and relay her findings garnered through the magical operation of Pathworking.

This course is designed to give students a visceral understanding of the language of astrology and will serve anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of magic, the zodiac, tarot, or the qabalistic tree of life.

Students who complete the course, have taken the Magic Fundamentals Prerequisite, and score 80% or higher on the final test will be given a Certification of Completion.

Week 1: Understanding Western Astrology Energy Fundamentals
Week 2: The Energetic Formulas of Aries and Taurus
Week 3: The Energetic Formulas of Gemini and Cancer
Week 4: The Energetic Formulas of Leo and Virgo
Week 5: The Energetic Formulas of Libra and Scorpio
Week 6: The Energetic Formulas of Sagittarius and Capricorn
Week 7: The Energetic Formulas of Aquarius and Pisces
Week 8: Planetary Dignities, Polarities, and Class Conclusion

Astrology School II: Western Astrological Chart Reading & Interpretation 8-Week Course

This 8-week intermediate astrology course is designed to help students intuitively learn how to read western astrological charts to identify core themes and key messages.  An astrological chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at a specific time and can give great insight into the energy of that time frame and the agreed upon karma and themes that are meant to be addressed. Prerequisite: Astrology School I: Understanding Astrological Energy

Week 1: Introduction to Western Astrology Chart Reading
Week 2: Important Astrological Actors
Week 3: Planetary Behavior
Week 4: Understanding Aspects
Week 5: Natal Chart Reading
Week 6: Understanding Transits
Week 7: Group Chart Study
Week 8: Group Chart Study Continued