22 Teachings offers weekly, monthly and one-off events, courses, series and intensives.
More info on all current events can be found  here

The weekly and monthly events happen on a recurring basis and are intended for students who want to build a regular practice. There are no prerequisite requirements and you may attend whenever you like. These events are a great way to meet the teachers and fellow students before taking deeper training.


  • MMMM : Monday evening meditation – different teacher every week
  • Arboretum Mysticum: Saturday morning occult Lodge – with Naha


  • First Saturdays: Dreamers Council with Vanessa
  • Second Saturdays: Breathwork Healing Group with Ryan
  • Third Saturdays: Middle Pillar Ritual group healing with Naha
  • Tarot Oracle with Melinda
  • Transformative Writing with Frank

One-offs are open to everyone, all levels of experience


  • Crystal Grid Ceremonies
  • Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (highly suggested for all students)
  • Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies
  • Soul Purpose Activator

Series are classes which may also be taken separately


  • Qabalah Lectures (6 weeks)
  • Advanced Tarot (8 weeks, suggested that you have already completed Tarot School 9-week course but not required)
  • Intermediate Tarot
  • Pathworking (33 weeks, suggested to attend Arboretum Mysticum or Qabalah Lectures first )

Courses are the in-depth trainings which require commitment for the duration of the course. They usually include workbooks, may have homework, and are recorded in case you need to miss a week. Before taking courses, it is suggested that all students take Magic Fundamentals Level 1 (2-day intensive).


  • Tarot School 9-week course
  • Astrology School 8-week course
  • Astrological Chart Reading 8-week course
  • Developing Intuition 8-week course
  • Crystal School 6-week course
  • Metaphysical Poetry 6-week course
  • Oracle Circle: 20-week course (invitation only)

Upcoming new curriculum for 2020:

  • Elemental Magic
  • Planetary Magic
  • Talismanic Magic
  • Practical Magic
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Ritual Writing

Depending upon the student’s interests and experience level,  there are different paths through the curriculum. These are just suggestions and students are welcome to partake in events in any of the paths as long as they have completed any prerequisites.

Our staff is available to help you decide where to start or plan your course of study. Call 323-362-2615 or email with questions.

The 3 Paths:


For those looking to discover their purpose,  explore divination, and deepen knowledge of the self and the magical world

  • Magic Fundamentals I
  • Tarot School 9-week Course
  • Developing Intuition 8-week Course
  • Astrology School 8-week Course
  • Metaphysical Poetry
  • Arboretum Mysticum Lodge
  • Soul Purpose Activator


For those looking to learn and practice Ritual, Ceremony, Meditation, & Knowledge of the Divine:

  • Middle Pillar Monthly Ritual
  • Magic Fundamentals I
  • Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP)
  • Arboretum Mysticum (AM Lodge)
  • Hermetic Qabalah 6-week course
  • Astral Projection
  • Pathworking


For those looking to focus on the metaphysical healing arts, or to work with crystals and stones for healing and enlightenment.

  • Crystal Grid Ceremony
  • Magic Fundamentals I
  • Crystal School 6-week Course
  • Developing Intuition 8-week course
  • Astrology School 8-Week course
  • Soul Purpose Activator


Once the student is grounded in their path and has completed the initial course work, they may move into the Advanced classes:

  • Advanced Tarot
  • Astrology II – Chart Reading
  • Oracle Circle
  • Magic Fundamentals II & III
  • Sacred Geometry Course
  • Practical Magic Course