22 Teachings offers courses, classes and workshops, and rituals and ceremonies.
All events require and RSVP, and many sell out well in advance.


22 Teachings offers 3 intensive courses which lay the groundwork of the student’s magical education.

-Developing Intuition
-Crystal & Stones

These courses range from 6-8 weeks in length. They are all prerequisites for more advanced magical training such as the Oracle Circle. They may be taken in any order.

TAROT SCHOOL  – An 8-week intensive in the symbolism and soul of Tarot, how to read and interpret the cards. For all levels.

Runs 2 times per year, in the Winter and Summer.

Week 1 – Intro and Major Arcana (this week is known to run long, up to 2.5 hours)
Week 2 – Major Arcana pt. II
Week 3 – Suits and Elements
Week 4 – The Numbers of the Minor Arcana
Week 5 – Minor Arcana pt. II
Week 6 – Court Cards and Reversals
Week 7 – Spreads
Week 8 – Reading Workshop

CRYSTAL SCHOOL – A 6-week intensive. Runs 2 times per year, in the Spring and Fall.

Week 1 – Intro to the Crystal Kingdom
Week 2 – Cleansing, Clearing and Charging
Week 3 – Programming and Meditation
Week 4 – Chakras and Crystal Remedies
Week 5 – Skrying and Symbolic Shapes
Week 6 – Creating Crystal Grids

DEVELOPING INTUITION – An 8-week intensive for spiritual and magical practitioners, Runs 2 times per year.

Week 1 – Meditation and Visualization
Week 2 – Psychic Protection
Week 3 – Subtle Body Anatomy
Week 4 – Numerology, Totems and Astrology: Astral Scavenger Hunt
Week 5 – Spirit Guides: Angels and Ascended Masters
Week 6 – Ancestors and Past Lives
Week 7 – Altars and Sacred Space
Week 8 – Energy Healing and House Blessings

ADVANCED TAROT – Individual monthly classes for advanced students

8 classes include:

September: Reversals
October: Pyramid Spread
November: Court Cards and Relationship Readings
December: Forecast Readings
January: Tarot Talismans and Invocations
February: Triplicities and the Tree of Life
March: Occult Numbers and Sacred Geometry
April: The Cube of Space



Sigils, Magic Squares and Candle Magic – Hands-on workshops in Qabalistic Magic

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – the foundation ritual of the Western Mystery Tradition

101 Classes – Hands on workshops on the Tree of Life, Sacred Geometry and Water Magic.


22 Teachings Mentorship program, for students who have completed all three courses and additional prerequisites. Advanced Magical Training for selected students, by application only. 9-month commitment




A monthly healing meditation for re-balancing and intention setting.


2-hour Crystal activations where participants work with stones which align with a specific intention and receive a set of their own to take home.


Self-initiatory Occult Lodge of White Magic. Meets every Saturday at 11am

You may RSVP for currently offered events by calling the House of Intuition at 213-413-8300 between 10am and 10pm PST or by signing up at