Private instruction is offered by our faculty members at the rate of $200 per 90 minute session.

There are typically two types of private training sessions.

A. Single classes – these are typically done to support a students work through courses or classes they are currently enrolled in. This session can also be helpful for those students who want direction with their personal practice.

B. Private Training in existing curriculum – Many of our classes and courses may be done privately, for instance our Tarot Course or Hebrew for Mystics. In these sessions, the student gets personalized training at the pace and depth that suits them best.

Both A and B are offered by Naha, Frank, Vanessa and Tami

Additional offerings:
Hebrew translation with Tami Havton – for assistance with a single name, motto, or phrase, including exploration of root words and alternatives. 45 min Session $100

Writing Workshop with Frank Paul – For students working towards a specific goal or needing guidance on a writing project, each session is a writing ritual designed to guide them where they need to be and hold space for their own personal growth.
Four 60-minute private sessions for $500 total

One-off sessions can be booked by texting the school 323-362-2615
For ongoing course study, students are added to the waiting list pending teacher availability. To submit for ongoing study, please fill out the form below.

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Additional training and magical education: