Egyptian Initiations: Powers of the Sphinx

A 5-part magical working begins on December 2nd 2023. All sincer seekers are invited.

1 year ago, December 2022, 40 students and faculty of 22 Teachings traveled through the magical land of Khemet on an Egyptian Initiation voyage. Along the way in ancient temples, before the altars of the Neteru, 5 initiatory activations were performed by each participant. Now on the 1 year anniversary, we bring these initiations forward again, honor the ancient altar flames, and the names of Ausir and Aset, Sekhmet and Ptah, Aten-Ra, Habi, Dejuti and Ma’at, Heru and Hator.

These 5 initiations will activate the powers of the Sphinx, crucial qualities of the magician’s lineage: To Dare, To Will, To Know, To Keep Silent, and the 5th occult power, To Make Sacred.

They will be performed in the Elemental Order – Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit, on each of the 5 Saturdays in December.

Choose the Dedication Pass here and commit to the entire 5-week working from December 2 through December 30th, 2023, and receive entry to all events, and a commemorative pass which you’ll receive at your first attendance or which will be mailed to you if you attend online.

You may also sign up for these initiations individually, using the links below

Upcoming Events

Dec 2nd: Initiation of Daring
Dec 9th: Initiation of Will
Dec 16th: Initiation of Knowledge
Dec 23rd: Initiation of Silence
Dec 30th: Initiation of the Sacred