Invocation of the Keys: The Alchemical Ritual & Gematria of the AM Lodge

Invocation of the Keys: The Alchemical Ritual & Gematria of the AM Lodge
Teacher: Naha Armády
Length: 3 hrs
Prerequisite: Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Ritual Training with Naha

This ritual training is scheduled for September 9th 2023, registration is now open

The Arboretum Mysticum has met weekly for convergent High Magic since the beginning of 2017. The rituals, dedications, and techniques of the AM Lodge are presented to Naha by her inner plane contacts who oversee and direct its workings. These rituals continue to evolve over time and their meanings unfold in ever-greater illumination and relevancy for modern magic. The AM Lodge aims to provide those dedicated to the practice of hermetic and Qabalistic magic a sanctum to practice, learn, have fellowship, and connect to the egregore of the Western Mysteries as stewards of this living tradition.  

One of the central rituals of the Lodge is the Invocation of the Keys. This ritual combines Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, the magic of the sacred Hebrew alephbet, Vibration, Visualization, and working with the Tree of Life. Using all of these methods together, an alchemical formula of intonation is created, which calls forth specific Keys of the Major Arcana, and then activates their energies in the Creative world, whether for greater integration, amplification, transmutation, or whatever purpose calling forth these energies might provide, and then working uses the Divine Names of the Qabalistic Tree of Life to transmute and seal the working.  

This work also leads further into possibilities for Sigil Work and deep inner exploration. It is a ritual working which allows the practitioner to “meet it on their level” bringing whatever their personal experience and intentions are to the work, and using the branches of hermetic science and awarenesses that they are most adept at.  

When performed correctly, this ritual aligns the magician with the energies of the day, and raises the vibration of the subtle bodies to one aligned with work on oneself, turning over that which is no longer needed and making space for the higher self in the alchemical process. It attunes one to the rhythms of the month and year by tracking numerological cycles, and helps integrate the esoteric teachings of the Tarot. 

In this training, Naha instructs on each part of the process, and will also teach a thorough exercise in Gematria, the Qabalistic method of comparative and contemplative Hebraic numbers and letters. 

As with all of the Ritual Trainings, this work is intended to be integrated into the magician’s regular practice, and this particular ritual lends itself to a wonderful daily practice, and can be done in about 10 minutes, or can be stretched into a much longer esoteric exploration. When you receive a Ritual Training from Naha, it is an activation which helps you to understand clearly the steps of how to perform the ritual but also its deeper mystical implications, and this is passed to you like as a spark of initiation, from teacher to student in a sacred lineage.  

For this training, please have a place where you are free from distraction. You will need to be able to sit and stand for parts of this working. You should have a pencil and paper, a set of 22 Major Arcana, and if you have them, either Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia (preferred) or 777 – the Sepher Sephirot. Both are available for purchase at the school’s Magician’s Mercantile.  

If you wish, prepare by purifying and consecrating your space. Setting the tone is always conducive to this type of training.  

Please remember that these are sacred teachings, and should be treated as such.