Readings and Healings

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All readings are for individuals only, we do not do couples readings or allow another person to sit in. This allows for the clearest messages to come through.

Using the cards along with their intuitive gifts, our readers will help you to see where you are at and where you are going, to assist you in making good decisions and gaining clarity.

Available in-person or over Zoom, with Naha, Ixté, and A.M. Penn:

30 min – $100
45 min – $125
60 min – $150

Astrology Natal Chart with Astrologer A.M. Penn
To cast your chart, we will need to know your Date, Time, and Place of Birth when you book your appointment.
Chart and 75 min interpretation $250
$100 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking.

Dream Decoding: with Ixté – $150 – 60 min
In this one-on-one session, Ixté provides guidance to help the dreamer discover the messages in their dreams and apply it into their lives. Ixté’s method and approach is built to shed light on the experience and empower the dreamer. In this way, the dreamer can arrive at the message in a supportive and non-intrusive manner. This session does require a little preparation from the client, so setting it up at least two days in advance is preferred. This service can also serve as a private training for those who want to know how to decode their own dreams independently. Preparation for this session includes intention setting, selecting one dream as the main focus of the session, although others may be discussed, and writing down all the details of the dream before the scheduled session. This service includes guided meditation.


Healing work takes place in person at the school.

Middle Pillar Healing with Naha – $200 approx 2 hr
All of Naha’s modalities combine in this head-to-toe, full package healing experience with deep energy clearing to remove blockages and cords, reiki and hands-on healing to shift and soothe, crystal healing to activate assets, and the Middle Pillar activation to align the chakras and restore balance to the mental, emotional, and etheric bodies. Includes in-depth intake discussion and sharing of results afterwards. Please dress comfortably.

Come Full Circle Crystal Healing with Ixté – $200 – approx 2 hr
This service is rooted in Earth based practices such as Crystal Healing Therapy, Chakra assessment, identifying ancestral lineage patterns and traumas as well as providing a connection to the powers of transformation.  It includes energy cleansing, re-alignment, reset that potentially delivers revelations, empowerment and a sense of coming home. 
To read more details about this service, visit Vanessa’s page by following this link.

Ancestor Lineage Healing with Ixté – $150 – approx 1 hr
This session is built to help you discover and identify your patterns whether they be self-initiated or inherited. In doing so, you can open yourself to the possibility of healing, transcendence or empowerment of these patterns. In this one-on-one service Vanessa will open with discussion and reflection allowing you to share that which you wish to release, heal or transcend followed by a seated meditation.
To read more details about this service, visit Vanessa’s page by following this link.

Ixté, A.M. Penn, Kristie Marie
Reiki is a hands-on form of energy healing for relaxation, deep meditation and mental and emotional healing.

30 min – $100, 60 min $150
30&30 Reading and Reiki Combo $150

Private Instruction

Private instruction is offered by our faculty members at the rate of $200 per 90 minute session.

There are typically two types of private training sessions.

A. Single classes – these are typically done to support a students work through courses or classes they are currently enrolled in. This session can also be helpful for those students who want direction with their personal practice.

B. Private Training in existing curriculum – Many of our classes and courses may be done privately, for instance our Tarot Course or Hebrew for Mystics. In these sessions, the student gets personalized training at the pace and depth that suits them best.

Both A and B are offered by Naha and Ixté

Additional offerings:
Hebrew translation with Tami Havton – for assistance with a single name, motto, or phrase, including exploration of root words and alternatives. $150 for 1 hour.

Form to submit for ongoing personal training can be found Here.

Appointment Policies:

We understand that sometimes appointments need to be rearranged. Please be aware of our policies for rescheduling, cancelling, and no-shows


To reschedule or cancel appointments, please call or text with 24 hours notice.

No-shows will be not be refunded

All of our practitioners will provide the clearest interpretation possible for spiritual guidance. Clients will be responsible for their subsequent actions and outcomes.
Our practitioners do not make medical diagnoses; all health-related questions should be handled by medical professionals.

It is recommended to wait a minimum of 21 days between readings.
Clients who are deemed to be reading too frequently jeopardize their own empowerment and ability to make decisions, and may be refused service if we feel it is not beneficial for the client.