Welcome Students

“May all present bear witness to the Great Work to which we dedicate ourselves:
To be propagators of TRUTH
To be conduits of LIGHT
To be seekers of WISDOM
To be vessels for SPIRIT
As Above, So Below, the Divine Light connecting ALL.

This is the dedication of the occult Lodge Arboretum Mysticum. Meeting every Saturday at House of Intuition in Los Angeles, these open convergences are a place for meditation, ritual, qabalistic study, and hermetic magic.

Some seek out the Hermetic teachings, and some simply find that they were led to them. Hermetic Science and Magical Arts as taught in the 22 Teachings curriculum include: Hermetic Qabalah, gematria, numerology, astrology, theurgy, alchemy, tarot, sacred geometry, intuitive development, philosophy, crystal healing, breathwork, elemental magic, divination, and more.

Courses and workshops are offered 4 days a week in Los Angeles, and private instruction is also available.

For those unable to attend in person, this website contains a wealth of knowledge in the form of articles, videos, podcasts, tarot lessons, and rituals, which can all be found under the RESOURCES tab.

Audio classes for instant download may be purchased in the SHOP.

Upcoming EVENTS can be found under Curriculum as well as class descriptions.