[Video Course] The Hieroglyphs a 4-part Course on the Language of Ancient Egypt with Mahmoud Khodeir


The Hieroglyphs – Language of Ancient Egypt
4-Part Lecture Series
Teacher: Mahmoud Khodeir
Recorded 2022

This 4 part series on the Hieroglyphs is presented for 22 Teachings by Egyptologist, guide and scholar Mahmoud Khodier live from Egypt. He has been leading groups through the sacred sites of Egypt for over 30 years.

In this course students will:

  • get to know the categories of hieroglyphic writing
  • learn to decipher a collection of symbols and their meanings
  • learn the correct pronunciation of the words
  • be able to identify God names and offerings.
  • learn to construct sentences
  • build a bridge by way of this ancient system to a realm of consciousness that reflects the heavenly and terrestrial realms.

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