Readers Roundtable
Instructor: Naha & Special Guests
Length: 90 min-2hrs
Prerequisite: none but designed for students who have some working knowledge of tarot

Our courses provide instruction for creating a personal practice, but this is just the launchpad for the real work.

Tarot Readers Roundtable is an opportunity for Tarot readers and enthusiasts to share, discuss, and ask the experts anything under the umbrella of reading tarot, whether you are navigating a career as a tarot reader, or whether you do it for yourself or for fun for others, here you can ask the questions that never get asked in class. From dealing with tricky clients to connecting to difficult messages, advancing your practice, trying different decks, spreads, or expanding your intuition, If you are wondering, chances are someone else is too! As long as it’s tarot related, no question is off the table. All we ask is that you submit your questions in advance so that the facilitators have time to prepare. Strengthen your practice, get unstuck, and share your revelations! All questions shared are answered anonymously so don’t be shy. Please send questions to Subject: Readers Roundtable

You’re sure to walk away with some gems, tips, tricks and a new technique or two, as well as connect to your fellow tarot community.

Tarot Roundtables are offered throughout the year. You may also purchase pre-recorded video classes below.


Session I with Naha
Session II with Naha and Theresa Reed
Session III with Naha
Session IV with Naha and Noelle
Session V with Vanessa “Cocreation”
Session VI with Naha & Vanessa “Boundaries”
Session VII with Naha “Zodiacal Majors and GD Decks”
Session VIII with Naha & Special Guest Rachel True
Session IX with Naha and Special Guest Andrew Martin
Session X with Naha and Marcella Kroll
Session XI with Naha and Natalie Kirby “A Tarot Storyteller”
Session XII with Naha and Janaki Phillips “Catomancy”