Arboretum Mysticum

Name of Event: Arboretum Mysticum
Instructor: Naha Armády
Length of event: 1.5 – 2 hrs
Prerequisite: None, but LBRP training is suggested

2021 Schedule:
The Lodge takes place every Saturday on the Zoom platform.
Please sign up through our calendar page HERE

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The Arboretum Mysticum is a self-Initiatory occult Lodge of Hermetic Magic in the Western Mystery Tradition. We meet every week, and all are welcome to attend.

The Lodge is currently “pay as you wish” and you may attend for free, or enter an amount as a donation when you register.

Each week includes ritual, meditation, discussion, and practical application of the Hermetic Sciences: Tarot, Astrology, Theurgy and Alchemy.

From breathwork, intonation, and contemplation, to astral-travel and beyond, the AM Lodge serves as a safe space to practice Qabalistic Ritual and High Magic under the guidance of Naha Armády and the Secret Chiefs who guide this work. If you would like to be initiated into the rituals performed in the AM Lodge, please take the ritual trainings here:

The goal of the Arborist is namely, THE GREAT WORK:

To be a propagator of Truth
To be a conduit of Light
To be a seeker of Wisdom
To be a vessel for Spirit

As above, so below, As within, so without, in Light Eternal,