Video Class Archive

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All Video Classes were recorded on the Zoom Platform in 2020.

Trainings and Activations

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Training
Middle Pillar Ritual Training – How to perform the Middle Pillar
The Adytum: Astral Projection, Light Body and Building the Interior Temple
Solar Adorations of Ancient Egypt Ritual Training
Soul Purpose Crystal Activation

22 Teachings Master Series

Hermetic Enigmas of the Esoteric Tradition with William Kiesel a 3-part lecture

Hermetic Qabalah 6-Part Lecture and Re-intiation Series with Naha

Part 1: Mystery Schools: Magic and the Western Mystery Tradition
Part 2: Intro to the Tree of Life
Part 3: The Tarot Arcana, Qabalah and the Tree of Life
Part 4: Archangels and Divine Names
Part 5: Hebrew Letters and Gematria
Part 6: Orders of Angels and Planets

Rituals and Group Healing

May – New Moon Middle Pillar Group Healing and Purification Ritual
June – Summer Solstice New Moon Middle Pillar Group Healing Ritual

Advanced Tarot Series with Naha

Adv Tarot #1 Reversals – a unique approach to the flipside of all 78 keys
Adv Tarot #2 Relationship Readings – find the deeper story between any 2 people
Adv Tarot #3 Pyramid Spread – Naha’s signature spread for reading the past, present and future
Adv Tarot #4 Court Cards – 16 Personality types for self-discovery
Adv Tarot #5 Qabalistic Tarot: The Tarot Tableau of the Golden Dawn – deeper origins, GD practices and new insights and reading techniques
Adv Tarot #6 Qabalistic Tarot: The Cube of Space
Adv Tarot #7 Qabalistic Tarot: Divination on the Tree and Tree of Life Spread

Arboretum Mysticum weekly Occult Lodge of Hermetic Magic

3/28/2020 – “From Chaos, Order Is Born”
5/9/2020 – Invocation Ritual and Interior Temple Meditation (Free Download)
5/16/2020 – “Vault of the Adepti and the Planetary Heptagram
6/6/2020 – “Invocation of the Wands” (Free Download)
6/13/2020 – “Invocation of the Chalices
6/20/2020 – “Invocation of the Swords
6/27/2020 – “Invocation of the Pentacles


May Astrologer’s Roundtable with A.M. Penn
May Magician’s Roundtable with Naha
May Reader’s Roundtable with Naha
June Magicians Roundtable with Naha & Special Guest William Kiesel
June Readers Roundtable with Naha & Special Guest Theresa Reed

Elder Wisdom Teachings with Marza Millar

Portals of Light – Power through the Veil
Wisdom Keeper Questions
Prophecies, Earth Changes and Ascension

Minor opus: magical workings in the Decan Wheel

6/29/2020 – “2 of Wands