Circle of Sophrosyne – a recovery meeting

22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts is proud to offer the Circle of Sophrosyne, a bi-monthly recovery group which meets every other Monday for 1 hour at 8pm, and is open to anyone seeking recovery from engagement in an addictive behavior, unhealthy attachment or those affected by it.

Recent Readings from the circle:
July 31st 2023 – Hopi Elders’ Prophecy

Upcoming Dates 2023:

Sept 25

Oct 9

Oct 23

Meeting takes place from 8-9, doors at 7:30pm. Please remove your shoes before entering he space. We will be seated on the floor, please bring a mat or pillow if you would like. You are also welcome to attend via Zoom.

What is Sophrosyne?
Sophrosyne was the Ancient Greek Goddess and spirit of moderation, self-control, temperance, restraint, and discretion, which lead to excellence of character, soundness of mind, and combine in a well-balanced individual.

Depictions of Sophrosyne were the inspiration behind the Temperance card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

As a group we look to embody these qualities.

What do we do?
Building on the strong foundation of 12-Step Program and Traditions. We use the tools of meditation, tarot, sharing our stories, support through group consciousness, and commitment to the Great Work.

This group does not charge a fee to attend, but donations are welcome to cover expenses.

Group leader: This group is facilitated by Jorja Davis

Image is a print of Temperance personified 1550-1583 by Étienne Delaune,
courtesy of British Museum.


May the veil be opened, and may we stand humbly before the mysteries.
May divine Fire ignite and align us. May the lower vibrations be not worshipped nor deemed more powerful than thine own self. May our will be aligned with the Divine Will and may we know this divinity not in a condition of sorrow but in joy.
May the sacred well rise within us, to cleanse and to nourish us. May the Waters of the Great Sea flow through us, and as they carry away pain, may they carve out great depth and understanding. May we crave not that which we do not have, for every sacred thing exists within us. May our emotional body be aligned with Divine unconditional Love and know this divinity not in a condition of longing but in service.
May Divine wisdom be carried on every breath, and may it strengthen us in right knowing, and may we dispel fear and falsehood. May our minds be aligned with the Divine mind, and may we know this divinity not in a condition of strain nor chaos but in Peace.
May the Earth beneath us be as a home and hearth. May we find our footing here and worship not matter but reject it neither. May we judge no part of our body as evil. May our physical body be aligned with the Divine body and may we know this divinity not in a condition of suffering but in gratitude.
Vibrate together the ancient formula of resurrection IAO (Eee-Ahh-Oh)