Magicians Roundtable

Magicians Roundtables
Instructor: Naha and guests
Length: 90 min – 2 hours
Prerequisite: none but designed for students who have completed or are enrolled in the department courses

Our courses provide instruction for creating a personal practice, but this is just the launchpad for the real work.

The Roundtable has developed out of a need for students to have continued support after the completion of course work, to stay connected to their classmates, practice their skills, share their experiences and the questions that arise out of them.

Magicians Roundtables are offered throughout the year. You may also purchase pre-recorded video classes below, each one full of information and first-hand experience to improve your magical education, clarify, fill in the gaps, and inspire you.


Please send your questions for discussion in advance to with Subject “Magicians roundtable”

Recent recordings

Session I with Naha
Session II with Naha and William Kiesel
Session III with Naha
Session IV with Naha and Tami Havton
Session V with Naha and Brian Cotnoir
Session VI with Naha and Vanessa Baltodano
Session VII with Naha and Special Guest William Kiesel
Session VIII with Naha – The Rite of the Six-Rayed Star
Session IX with Vanessa and Lindsey Kimura – Magic in Our Daily Lives
Session X with Naha Special Guest William Kiesel
Session XI with Naha “The Shem Working and Its Significance in the Magical Landscape” with Naha
Session XII with Naha and William Kiesel on the Shem Working, More on Magical Names and Mottoes
Session XIII with Tami and Naha “The Shem Working”
Session XIII – with William & Vanessa “Darkness”
Session XIV with Naha “The Shem Working halfway”
Session XVI Ritual Training
Session XVII REINITIATION HQ Level I and Magic Fundamentals
Session XVIII Hermetic Qabalah III with Naha