Solar Adorations of Ancient Egypt Ritual Training

Solar Adorations of Ancient Egypt Ritual Training
Teacher: Naha Armády
Length: 3 hrs
Prerequisite: none

The Golden Dawn and Thelemic Ritual practices of the Solar Adorations attune and align the magical practitioner with the Sun cycle and its qualities, with Tipharet on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and they connect the magician to an ancient ritual formula and link to the mysteries. The Adorations as practiced by these groups are well known and can be found in Liber Resh Vel Helios. They were inspired by the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid texts, the Book of the Dead, and the many hymns to the Sun Gods carved upon the temple walls.

On her 2019 trip to Egypt and specifically to the Atum-Ra Temple at Karnak, and having performed the Solar Adorations there at sunrise on Winter Solstice, Naha was inspired to dive deeper into the origins of these rituals. Researching new translations and texts which were not available to the Golden Dawn and Thelemic ritual authors, she has derived a restored version of the Adorations, which she believes to be closer to the original workings of the ancients. In this ritual training, Naha will teach the story of the Solar Barque, the Egyptian deities, the God Forms and the performance of the Ancient Adoration ritual to be used as a daily practice of solar attunement. The ritual is also supplemented by Qabalistic ritual, the elemental signs, the tarot archeytpes, and more.

This ritual training is a part of a 5-part series, with LBRP, Middle Pillar, The Adytum, and The Radiant Holy Breath training forming a solid ritual practice which aligns with the elements of Fire, Earth, Spirit, Water, and Air respectively.

Please prepare yourself and your space accordingly for ritual working. Have your ritual journal or grimoire and something to write with.