Crystal Grid Ceremonies

Name of Class: Crystal Grid Ceremonies
Instructor: Naha Armády
Length of class: 2 hrs
Prerequisite: none
Recorded for absentees: Yes

A crystal grid is a powerful energetic transmitter created by placing stones of specific metaphysical properties in a geometric pattern.

22 Teachings offers 14 different intentional Crystal Grid Ceremonies throughout the year.

Each event takes place during a time of positive astrological alignment.
Participants receive a set of 10-14 high-quality crystals which correspond to the specific intention. Naha shares their metaphysical meaning and leads a healing ceremony with clearing, oracles, guided meditation, and crystal healing on the body. The grids are activated in order to broadcast the intention outward.

Afterwards, all information and instructions are emailed so that participants do not need to take notes during the event, but can simply enjoy the process and then later set up the grid at their own home.



TRANSFORMATION:  For shedding the past, growth and development in a new cycle

HEALING AND HAPPINESS:  All Chakra Activator and physical body healing

ASTRAL TRAVELER: For deepening meditation and connection to the Pleiades

SECRETS OF THE SEA:  For connecting to the magical, cyclical and healing properties of Elemental Water

EARTH MAGIC* : As humble children of this planet. As custodians and guardians of her land, air, and water. Great Mother Gaea, We are here to see you, to feel you, and to know you better. To attune to your vibrations and to be in resonance with your shifts. We come together to honor you and thank you, to send you gratitude and healing.
*Takes place outside.

ANCIENT WISDOM, SACRED SITES:  For connecting to sacred wisdom teachings and ancestral work

ANIMAL TOTEMS:  For connecting to animal medicine and spirit animals


SPRING FORWARD: NEW LIFE:  Root Chakra Activator for beginning new projects

SACRAL FERTILITY PORTAL:  Sacral Chakra activator for fertility and birthing creative works

SUCCESS AND SELF WORTH: Solar Plexus Activator for prosperity, abundance and positive sense of self

AWAKENING LOVE: Heart Chakra Activator

THROAT CHAKRA ACTIVATOR:  For writers/artists/creators, Creative self-expression

THIRD EYE ACTIVATOR* : For deepening psychic awareness
*requires Psychic Protection class as a prerequisite

CROWN CHAKRA ACTIVATOR:  For connecting to spirit guides, angels and expanding spiritual consciousness


What should I bring/wear? Please:
-bring prayer candle (your favorite color, PLEASE DO NOT USE A MAGIC/DRESSED CANDLE)
-a beverage in a sealable container. It is always advised to drink extra water after a ceremony of this type.
-dress in clean, comfortable clothing.
-respect the fact that this is a sacred operation
-do not bring your own crystals to this class, you will receive all crystals needed for -this working, and may add your own to the grid once you take them home
-please remove crystal jewelry (wedding rings ok)
-be ready for positive, powerful results!