Book Club

Our student led book club is place for lovers of magical texts to discuss the works of great mages and scholars which contribute to the Western Mystery Tradition. This is an online participation based event, designed for all to share and feel safe to ask questions, share experiences and learn together.

Meetings take place on Zoom on Mondays at 6pm PST and are facilitated by professional Tarot Reader, ceremonial magician, and long-time student of 22 Teachings Jessica Chappell

After each session, the audio recording is made available to all participants and absentees

The books discussed so far:

  1. Lords of Light – W.E. Butler
  2. Sea Priestess – Dion Fortune
  3. MAN: Grand Symbol of the Mysteries – Manly P Hall
  4. Tarot: Key to the Wisdom of the Ages – Paul Foster Case
  5. My Life with the Spirits – Lon Milo Duquette

Our upcoming book will take place over 5 weeks beginning January 23rd, and the chapter discussion is outlined in the link here: