Double Crowns of Mazalot: The Hexad Workings

In 2023, the Arboretum Mysticum Occult Lodge began a new theurgic rite: “The Double Crowns of Mazalot: the zodical hexad workings.

Born out of the Shem Working, an in-depth analysis and restoration of the 72 names of God, and having extracted the essence from the analysis, the arborists may now work with Zodiacal Hexagrams created from the names and engraved with the Elders, the banners of Tetragrammaton and the Zodical Archangels.

This working focuses on theurgic Zodical magic, including talismanic work with the hexads, activations of the Minor arcana triads, healing on the zodically attributed areas in the body, and most significantly, the invocation of the 12 Zodiacal Archangels in the interior temple. This is an opportunity to experience these 12 stellar powers, and time for recording the experience is given after coming out of the inner vision.

Subrosa talismanic hexagrams were designed by Naha and created by William for each hexad, to be supplied to those who register for the rituals.

Choose the Dedication Pass here and commit to the entire 3 month working.


9.2.23 Hexad of Aries
9.9.23 Hexad of Taurus
9.16.23 Hexad of Gemini
9.23.23 Hexad of Cancer
9.30.23 Hexad of Leo
10.14.23 Hexad of Virgo
10.21.23 Hexad of Libra
10.28.23 Hexad of Scorpio
11.4.23 Hexad of Sagittarius
11.11.23 Hexad of Capricorn
11.18.23 Hexad of Aquarius Live in New York
11.25.23 Hexad of Pisces