Serpent and Sword: Hermetic Qabalah and the Western Mystery Tradition Level Three

Hermetic Qabalah Level III: Serpent and Sword
Instructor: Naha Armády
Length of each class: 2+ hrs
Students must have completed the following training before registering for HQIII, there are no exceptions:

For those students who have completed the first two levels of Hermetic Qabalah, this 6-part course is the next stage in the training of ceremonial magic and deeper study.

This training includes subrosa rites and formulas of invocation and evocation, conjunctions, sigilwork, multi-layers of consciousness, and energetic activations. This course also covers the Spiritual experiences, illusions, virtues and vices of the spheres and corrective formulas and practices for them.

The objective of this course is the embodiment of Qabalistic concepts, and their commitment to memory and encoding to subtle body requires students to study on their own, before, during and after this training.

A 3-part supplemental training course was developed and is an optional follow up to practice what was learned in the course. Through this work, students should be confident in their knowledge of the Tree of Life in all four worlds, and the invocations of the Sefirot and Netivot as taught in levels I and II. Students should also be practiced in sigilwork, the Hexagram ritual and Rose Cross ritual from Level II. All study guides should have been copied by hand and integrated prior to this class.

There is also an informative Roundtable which covers questions arising from the work.